Where to Shop for Australian Linen Collection Items

Are you looking for an online store where you can shop for Australian Linen Collection items in a bulk order? Look no further; you have found that one-stop shop where you can pick up all the beautiful linens to retail in your store.

When shopping for lifestyle products and linens from wholesale suppliers, price and value are the most important things to look out for. Australian Linen Collection offers you the best value.

If you are wondering how or what it takes to buy from us at wholesale, we share these simple steps below.


Buy your Australian linen wholesale products from our online shop

We have an exclusive online store where you can shop for affordable lifestyle products. Not running a brick and mortar store helps us keep the product price down. You can also enjoy the comfort of shopping 24 hours non-stop on our site; with no opening or closing hours.

Instead of driving to a location and spending more hours in traffic, lie on your couch and get your linen collections delivered to your doorstep.

Besides saving your time, you help the environment by reducing the pollution from burning fossil fuel to take you to the store. 

Easy delivery

Are you buying for different store locations? You do not need to go through the stress of getting your goods delivered to you before you transport them onto the individual store locations.

We will save your delivery time by delivering your goods directly to your various stores. 

Easy access to your shopping history

Many of our clients love to repeat order specific products. To make products easy to find, we provide a simple way to navigate your order history, where you can find all the previous purchases you have made and re-order.

All you need to do is click the button to see your previous orders and have us send you the same style, colour or print of linen you have ordered before.

Become a retailer

Highly professional and ethical manufacturers sew every linen we produce right here in Sydney, Australia. You can trust that every piece is crafted with excellence and quality. 

It takes only a few steps to stock these beautiful Australian linens in your store. The process of becoming a retailer for our brand is straightforward. 

First, provide your contact details for us and tell us the unique thing about your store in the comment box just below the page. After this, submit your form. We usually contact our customers within 24 hours of submitting their contact forms to tell them if the application was successful.

After approving your store, create an account on our website to log in to see all our prices. From then on, you are free to search and order whatever you wish.

Our customer support is wonderful! Let us know if you have any questions, and we will send you an answer within the shortest possible time. You can also contact us on 1300 84 6263 to inform us of your retailing needs. 

Get your orders within 5 business days

Yes, that’s right! All of our customers in the metro areas of Australia will get their orders delivered within 5 working days.

Visit Australian Linen Collection online today and let us help you stock your unique, Australian wholesale products. 

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