What Do Your Customers Want?

Every business aims to meet and exceed its customers’ needs because, without their patronage, the company won't be profitable and will run at a loss.

When you know and understand what your customers want, it becomes easy to meet their needs and you'll have a profitable business.

When it comes to aprons and other homewares, customers look for certain qualities. If you’re a retailer, considering the following factors that customers look for while searching for the right homeware products will ensure that you offer your customers what they want.

Suitable and durable 

While sourcing for homewares, whether tote bags, tea towels, aprons, or table napkins, customers look for pieces that suit the purpose and are long-lasting. As homewares and aprons are in constant use, sourcing durable beautiful pieces are absolutely essential.  

Easy to clean 

Activities carried out while wearing an apron could leave different stains, so customers will always look for aprons and wares that are easy to clean, giving them one less thing to worry about after spending long hours preparing meals or carrying out other activities.  


The colour and texture of homewares are what attract many people to them. Most people opt for beautifully designed aprons and homewares with vibrant colours. Bright coloured, patterned or floral designs are attractive for table napkins, tea towels, tote bags and cushion covers.

Australian made  

With the pandemic, there have been several positive changes. Australians want Australian made goods. 

More customers are searching for ethically made Australian manufactured aprons and homewares. We’re proud to say that our designs are all created here in Australia by Australian artists and that all our products are sewn here as well. 

Why shop the Australian Linen Collection?

Australian Linen Collection has a wide range of premium quality linen aprons and homewares. They are functional, durable and eco-friendly, designed by Australian artists to delight your customers. 

As an Australian company, we care deeply about quality and ethical issues. This is why we take great pride in everything we do to ensure we protect the planet and its people. 

Our designs are high-quality, boutique style and tested so that they are comfortable and durable. on-trend.

Our apron and homeware collections are 100% Australian made and available only in elite stores. You won’t find these collections in every store, so you can be sure of giving your customers quality products that they can’t find anywhere else.

From your initial contact with us, via phone or email, you’re part of our community. We are here to answer any questions you may have. We too understand the importance of working together, with real people, not just electronic buttons. 



As most customers turn to locally made, the demand for these products has drastically increased. You can offer your customers the right products when they need them with Australian Linen Collection aprons and homewares. 

Ready to start stocking beautiful Australian made homewares in your store? Visit our online shop and complete our wholesale order form to access our exclusive, functional, premium, and easy-to-clean aprons, tea towels, face masks, tote bags, cushion covers and more!

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